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Did you catch Part One of our shoot with this sweet crew yet? If not, be sure to pop over to this post and see the fun we had together during the first part of their Storytelling Session. This family was so wonderful to spend time with, and I just adored their kitchen karaoke and dining room dance parties! Scroll down to see the end of our unposed, relaxed portraits together, and email us to schedule your own!

We’re so excited to jump into June with this joy-filled, fun-loving family session! Sprinklers, hopscotch, bubbles, birthday cake & more… All of the elements of summer showed up for our backyard session! These babes sure were sweet, and I loved spending my evening with Carmelo, Isla, Elena, Nora and their parents, capturing this crew as they are. No poses, no matching outfits, no plans, no stress… Just beautiful childhood memories, documented for years to come.

Interested in booking your own Storytelling Session? Click here to read more about that! And be sure to stay tuned for our Part Two of our shoot with this adorable family!

Remember these sweet little faces? I am so excited to share the second part of my Storytelling Session with Tinka, Smith, Tessa, Teagan & their parents. Scroll down to see what they got into after their chocolate chip cookie adventures. It was so fun to watch these babes play, and document their antics as they moved through their day. So many tiny moments in passing, captured here to forever remember these little bodies and BIG personalities 🙂

In case you missed the first part of our session together, be sure to catch it here! And head over to our April giveaway to be entered to win a storytelling session of your very own! Open until the end of the month, or until all 100 entries are filled!

For years now, I’ve been encouraging more candid, lifestyle-based shoots, and love how my clients have responded. Before any family session, I chat with the parents about expectations for posing the kiddos (ie. don’t expect them to pose). Instead, we encourage the wild babes to be themselves. We play in the backyard, run on the beach, jump in the leaves, etc.! These storytelling moments are always mixed with a few beautifully posed Christmas-card ready images, giving my clients a lovely mix of true candids and classic portraits. It’s easy to stress about creating perfect family photos with brand new matching outfits, but for most families, that’s not at all true to their daily life, or how their littles will remember their childhood. The images that showcase the soft kisses, tiny hands, and outbursts of laughter (and sometimes attitude) that capture these families in the most genuine way *always* seem to stand out as the favorites from each session. These sweet, over-in-a-blink-of-an-eye years deserve documenting, so let’s get to it!

I’ve been offering these candid afternoon sessions to past clients only, and am happy to announce they are now available to any family wishing to have their own story documented. As a mother myself, these little moments mean more now than they ever have before, and I’m thrilled to be able to capture them for your family to enjoy, for years to come!

Scroll down to see my latest session, with Tinka, Smith, Tessa, Teagan, Jillian & Sean! I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with this crazy little crew, and capture a glimpse of their ever-changing family’s life. We made cookies, played games, drew dinosaurs, read books, twirled spaghetti & snuggled. A simple day at home, now theirs to remember forever.

With four kiddos, I had action at ever turn, and therefore many images to share! This only part one of our blog post; check back shortly for the second half of my time with the Cannan clan!