I am loving this season’s family sessions! I’ve had the most wonderful time getting to hang with such sweet littles, and patient parents 😉 I like to do sessions a little differently than some expect, and I think it takes a little getting used to since so many people are used to stiff and formal family portrait sessions. This family was so great, and up for anything! Personally, I love it when the kids run, jump, scream, roll in the grass, show their true selves. I encourage silly, and fun. We always capture nicely posed shots as well, but I really enjoy families that are up for both! It’s so nice to have this wild and wonderful time in your lives captured in an authentic manner, and to get out of the studio for some fun. Check out my time with Michelle and Jordan, and their two boys. They wanted to document this time before their third baby arrives this fall, and I can’t wait to see them as a family of 5!

2016-09-08_0019 2016-09-08_0020 2016-09-08_0022 2016-09-08_0023 2016-09-08_0024 2016-09-08_0025 2016-09-08_0026 2016-09-08_0027 2016-09-08_0028 2016-09-08_0029




2016-09-08_0032 2016-09-08_0033




2016-09-08_0034 2016-09-08_0035 2016-09-08_0039

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One of the absolute best parts of my job is getting to see my wedding clients go through the next stages of their lives, and being invited to capture it all! I love love love visiting with past clients and getting to meet and photograph their children, and was so thrilled when Amy called me for a family portrait session. I traveled to New Jersey with Amy & Chris for their wedding, and always hoped to see them again. They are just the sweetest, and their wedding was such a joyful day. Their children are so beautiful, and we decided to do a session in their home, so their dog Cocoa could participate, and so we could play in the pool in a little bit 🙂 I love the images we captured, and can’t wait to see them again!



2016-09-08_0043 2016-09-08_0044We grabbed a few shots with Amy’s mom as well, as she plays such an important role in their family.

2016-09-08_0045 2016-09-08_0046 2016-09-08_0047 2016-09-08_0048 2016-09-08_0049 2016-09-08_0050 2016-09-08_0051 2016-09-08_0052 2016-09-08_0053 2016-09-08_0055 2016-09-08_0056


2016-09-08_0057 2016-09-08_0058 2016-09-08_0059

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2016-08-16_0001I can’t wait to share Emily & Tim’s day with you! It was full of love, laughter, color, sunshine, beautiful venues, great people… pretty much everything a wedding photographer could ask for! They had a gorgeous ceremony at St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church before we headed off for bridal party photos at City Hall, a fabulous new mural by Jessie and Katey and The History Museum. E&T had a lovely Rolls Royce to move them around town, and of course, we had to grab some shots with it! Afterwards, we moved over to one of my favorite venues, Asbury Hall at Babeville, for the party with all their guests and the Steve Ballesteri Band! See more of their day below :

2016-08-16_0002 2016-08-16_0003 2016-08-16_0004 2016-08-16_0005 2016-08-16_0006 2016-08-16_0007 2016-08-16_0008 2016-08-16_0009 2016-08-16_0010 2016-08-16_0011 2016-08-16_0012 2016-08-16_0014 2016-08-16_0015 2016-08-16_0016 2016-08-16_0017 2016-08-16_0018 2016-08-16_0019 2016-08-16_0020 2016-08-16_0021 2016-08-16_0022 2016-08-16_0023 2016-08-16_0024

This season has been full of emotional processions, and this wedding was no exception. My clients need to stop making me cry at their weddings 😉

2016-08-16_0025 2016-08-16_0026 2016-08-16_0027 2016-08-16_0028 2016-08-16_0029 2016-08-16_0030 2016-08-16_0031 2016-08-16_0032 2016-08-16_0033 2016-08-16_0034 2016-08-16_0035 2016-08-16_0036 2016-08-16_0037 2016-08-16_0038 2016-08-16_0039 2016-08-16_0040 2016-08-16_0041 2016-08-16_0042 2016-08-16_0043 2016-08-16_0044 2016-08-16_0045My two favorite moments of every wedding are when the bride and groom first see each other (of course) and when they are announced as a married couple, and walk down the aisle together. There is always such a beautiful look of joy, relief, and excitement on their faces!

2016-08-16_0046 2016-08-16_0048 2016-08-16_0049 2016-08-16_0050 2016-08-16_0051 2016-08-16_0052 2016-08-16_0053 2016-08-16_0054 2016-08-16_0055

2016-08-16_0062Emily & Tim did not have a traditional bridal party, which allowed us more time for photos. We were able to create so many beautiful images together before their reception!

2016-08-16_0056 2016-08-16_0057 2016-08-16_0058 2016-08-16_0059 2016-08-16_0060 2016-08-16_0061 2016-08-16_0063 2016-08-16_0064 2016-08-16_0065 2016-08-16_0066 2016-08-16_0067 2016-08-16_0068 2016-08-16_0069 2016-08-16_0070 2016-08-16_0071 2016-08-16_0072 2016-08-16_0073 2016-08-16_0074 2016-08-16_0075 2016-08-16_0076Maybe my favorite image of the day 😉

2016-08-16_0077 2016-08-16_0078 2016-08-16_0079 2016-08-16_0080 2016-08-16_0081 2016-08-16_0082 2016-08-16_0083 2016-08-16_0084 2016-08-16_0085 2016-08-16_0086 2016-08-16_0087 2016-08-16_0088 2016-08-16_0089 2016-08-16_0090How stunning are these two? AND that bouquet from William’s Florist!

2016-08-16_0092 2016-08-16_0093 2016-08-16_0094


2016-08-16_0095 2016-08-16_0096 2016-08-16_0097 2016-08-16_0100 2016-08-16_0101

Per usual, Babeville looked stunning. Emily & Tim thoughtfully chose gorgeous details, including photographs of meaningful places for their table numbers!

2016-08-16_0102 2016-08-16_0103 2016-08-16_0104

2016-08-16_0105 2016-08-16_0106 2016-08-16_0107 2016-08-16_0109 2016-08-16_0110


2016-08-16_0111 2016-08-16_0112 2016-08-16_0113 2016-08-16_0114 2016-08-16_0115 2016-08-16_0116 2016-08-16_0117 2016-08-16_0118 2016-08-16_0119 2016-08-16_0120

Tim & his mom took over the dance floor, shaking it to Whitney Houston. I’m always a sucker for sentimental dances, but also *really* love when my clients choose to have fun with it! This mother/son dance was epic!

2016-08-16_0121 2016-08-16_0122 2016-08-16_0123 2016-08-16_0124 2016-08-16_0127


2016-08-16_0133 2016-08-16_0132 2016-08-16_0134


2016-08-16_0135 2016-08-16_0136 2016-08-16_0138 2016-08-16_0139


2016-08-16_0140 2016-08-16_0141

Before we left, we just had to recreate this adorable photograph of Emily’s grandparents. Isn’t this so sweet?

2016-08-16_0144 2016-08-16_0145

Thank you, Emily & Tim! We loved spending our 716 day with you!

Second Photographer : Melody Hyatt
Ceremony : St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church
Reception : Asbury Hall at Babeville
Band : Steve Ballesteri Band 
Florist : William’s Florist 
Bakery Muscoreils
Hair/Makeup : Groom Service



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Ok. So I don’t even know where to start with this wedding!! Heather & Phil’s day was just *magical*. I really can’t think of a better word! We had perfect weather, an insanely gorgeous venue at Knox Farm State Park, beautiful decor, details galore, happy moment after happy moment, and two of the sweetest, most loving clients! The entire day ran smoothly, thanks to Gabby & Pat at After 5 Events. From getting ready, to photos, to an emotional ceremony, and wild party… everything was amazing. I can’t wait for you to see for yourself in the photos below! Enjoy more of Phil & Heather’s story as you scroll 🙂

2016-08-02_0002 2016-08-02_0003Isn’t this place just stunning? It’s a gorgeous mansion, with lovely grounds for ceremonies and tented receptions. We had a field day shooting on this property! Both the girls and the guys got ready here, and I love the images that were captured.

2016-08-02_0004 2016-08-02_0005 2016-08-02_0006 2016-08-02_0007 2016-08-02_0008 2016-08-02_0009 2016-08-02_0010 2016-08-02_0011 2016-08-02_0012 2016-08-02_0013 2016-08-02_0014 2016-08-02_0015 2016-08-02_0016 2016-08-02_0017 2016-08-02_0018 2016-08-02_0019Before we headed down for photos, Heather had a moment with each of her parents, and gave them each a special gift. It was so sweet!

“We really enjoyed putting our own touch on our day. My mom was SUCH a great teammate in all of the planning and decorating. Phil & I & our families put thought into little thing because we are pretty sentimental.” – H

2016-08-02_0020 2016-08-02_0021 2016-08-02_0022 2016-08-02_0023 2016-08-02_0024 2016-08-02_0025 2016-08-02_0026 2016-08-02_0027 2016-08-02_0028 2016-08-02_0029Isn’t she STUNNING?

Meanwhile… Colin was with the boys & captured all the fun 😉

2016-08-02_0030 2016-08-02_0031 2016-08-02_0032 2016-08-02_0033 2016-08-02_0034 2016-08-02_0035 2016-08-02_0036 2016-08-02_0037 2016-08-02_0038 2016-08-02_0039 2016-08-02_0040 2016-08-02_0041 2016-08-02_0042 2016-08-02_0043 2016-08-02_0044

Phil surprised Heather by exchanging little Polariods of each other on their wedding day. He sent a camera up with one of her bridesmaids for a shot of her, along with a letter and photos of him. They’ll have these little prints forever, and of course, I love everything about this.

2016-08-02_0045 2016-08-02_0046 2016-08-02_0047 2016-08-02_0048 2016-08-02_0049 2016-08-02_0050 2016-08-02_0051 2016-08-02_0052 2016-08-02_0053

Once photos were done, we headed to the back field for their ceremony. The sun kept coming and going, and right before Heather walked down the aisle, it was very dark and looking a bit gloomy. As she came closer to Phil, the sun came out, bright and lovely as ever. It was just MAGICAL. Add to that, an emotional groom, a joyous bride, and some seriously cute reactions from the crowd… One of my favorite processionals ever!

2016-08-02_0054 2016-08-02_0055 2016-08-02_0056 2016-08-02_0057 2016-08-02_0058 2016-08-02_0059

Let’s take a minute to recognize Phil’s best man/brother, Corey. He is an Army Ranger who is deploying overseas *today*. Heather & Phil wanted to give him a shout-out : “We love you, Cor! Thank you for being the greatest best man and boo-in-law we could ask for. We couldn’t imagine our special day without you. Be safe & hurry back to us!”

2016-08-02_0060 2016-08-02_0061 2016-08-02_0062 2016-08-02_0063

“Our wedding day was everything we could have hoped for and more. A moment I will never forget was walking down the aisle with my Dad and seeing how handsome and emotional Phil was. My Dad and I were SO happy and I wanted to sprint down the aisle into Phil’s arms. Having been together since we were very young, you can imagine we had thought about that moment many times but actually living it, it was more that I could have ever dreamed. In that moment I felt so loved, so proud and so so lucky.” – H

2016-08-02_0064 2016-08-02_0065 2016-08-02_0066 2016-08-02_0067 2016-08-02_0068 2016-08-02_0069Phil faced away until his brother told him it was time to turn around. His reaction was priceless.

“My favorite moment, was the second I turned around and first saw my wife. I can’t even describe the feeling, it was just the happiest moment of my life.” – P

2016-08-02_0070 2016-08-02_0071 2016-08-02_0072 2016-08-02_0073 2016-08-02_0074 2016-08-02_0075 2016-08-02_0076 2016-08-02_0077

“The ceremony was so important to us and we cherished every minute.” – H

2016-08-02_0078 2016-08-02_0079 2016-08-02_0080 2016-08-02_0081 2016-08-02_0082 2016-08-02_0083 2016-08-02_0084 2016-08-02_0085 2016-08-02_0086 2016-08-02_0087 2016-08-02_0088 2016-08-02_0089

Heather’s parents AND grandparents are high school sweethearts, all still going strong. How cute is that!?

“My ‘something borrowed’ was my mom’s 10th anniversary ring, she and my dad have now been married for 34 years.” – H

2016-08-02_0090 2016-08-02_0091 2016-08-02_0092


2016-08-02_0093 2016-08-02_0094 2016-08-02_0096 2016-08-02_0097 2016-08-02_0098Heather surprised Phil with a visit from their dog Bronson! It was so nice to have him in the photos too 🙂

2016-08-02_0099 2016-08-02_0100 2016-08-02_0101 2016-08-02_0102 2016-08-02_0103

We had to do a few more shots in front of this incredible altar that Heather’s dad & Phil built. It’s made of an old door that will become their dining room table. See what I mean about the details here?

2016-08-02_0104 2016-08-02_0105 2016-08-02_0106 2016-08-02_0107


2016-08-02_0108 2016-08-02_0109 2016-08-02_0111 2016-08-02_0112 2016-08-02_0113 2016-08-02_0114 2016-08-02_0115

Prepare to fall in love with all of their details & decor! There was so much at every turn, and Gabby & Pat did an incredible job setting it all up! From a photo booth, to vintage china, to a gorgeous floral curtain, to photos galore, to bean bag toss games, to delicious food and dessert spread by Frontier Catering, this wedding had it all.

2016-08-02_0116 2016-08-02_0117 2016-08-02_0118 2016-08-02_0119 2016-08-02_0120 2016-08-02_0121 2016-08-02_0122 2016-08-02_0123 2016-08-02_0125


2016-08-02_0126“Our signature drink was a Carolina Sour using an organic whiskey from North Carolina, which is now home for Phil and I, and our life in NC is very special to us.” – H


2016-08-02_0127 2016-08-02_0129


2016-08-02_0130 2016-08-02_0131 2016-08-02_0132 2016-08-02_0133 2016-08-02_0134 2016-08-02_0135 2016-08-02_0136 2016-08-02_0137 2016-08-02_0138 2016-08-02_0140 2016-08-02_0141 2016-08-02_0142 2016-08-02_0143 2016-08-02_0144 2016-08-02_0145 2016-08-02_0146 2016-08-02_0147 2016-08-02_0148 2016-08-02_0149 2016-08-02_0150 2016-08-02_0151 2016-08-02_0152 2016-08-02_0153 2016-08-02_0154

“At the very end of the reception, Phil and I were holding each other in the center of the dance floor and all of our friends and family were surrounding us chanting our names. It was just the coolest.  We are so blessed with the most wonderful family and friends who came to celebrate us from all over… New York, North Carolina, California, Colorado, Hawaii… And that was the perfect way to end the night!” – H

2016-08-02_0155 2016-08-02_0156 2016-08-02_0157 2016-08-02_0158 2016-08-02_0159 2016-08-02_0160 2016-08-02_0161

Before the light was gone, I snuck H&P out front for some final shots of them. I love these moments (& the whole day!) Thank you both! XOXO

2016-08-02_0162 2016-08-02_0163 2016-08-02_0164 2016-08-02_0165 2016-08-02_0166 2016-08-02_0167 2016-08-02_0168

Vendors Who Rocked This Wedding
Second Photographer : Colin Gordon
Wedding Coordinator : After 5 Events
Ceremony & Reception Site : Knox Farm State Park
Officiant : Nathan Stoddard
Band : Nik Lite
Florist : BJK Baskets
Make-up : Shannon Caliguiri
Hair : Jessi Darvill, Taylor Rock & Becca Taneff
Transportation : Simply The Best Limo
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